The inspiration behind ‘Park life’ being written

The author of the book, Peter Roberts, goes into detail about what four seasons of football in the Rhondda Sunday League is like. 

Roberts has been involved in valleys football for almost 4 decades and was the player manager at the Maindy Conservative Football Club. He helped set up the side, along with several other people.

After every match he played, Roberts would make notes on each one, highlighting what the goals were like and any particular funny moments. At the end of the season, all these would be put together and a speech would be given at the club’s annual presentation evening.

“We would have a presentation evening, but rather than just giving out the prices for top goal scorer or best player, I used to keep a game summary of every game we played in the season and I would present that in the presentation evening.

“It would become a bit of a fun thing because everybody would remember things that people forget straight after the games.

“So I thought to myself that is quite a nice snapshot of a valleys football team over four seasons and decided to try and get it published.”

When talking about getting the book out there, Roberts explained how vital ‘perseverance’ was in helping him.

“I didn’t know anybody in any field, so I sent it to the main sports publishers.

“When I sent it to them, I had no replies. I was quite persistent and a little bit stubborn.

“I wanted it to happen and it was hard work, but perseverance is the key.

“The book company that did it is a predominantly a Welsh language publisher, but they were keen on the Welsh angle, which is why ‘Rhondda’ is in the title.”


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